document repository​
for Your business

  • A modern enterprise-class platform that provides comprehensive access
    to company information and documents, and related processes.
  • Cloud technologies for security
    and convenient access from anywhere.


Why is the cloud document repository more convenient
and safer than traditional solutions?

Flexibility and security of access to company documents

Strong encryption of all or selected data

Possibility of completely resigning from the use of paper documents

Protection against the flow of sensitive documents

Support for versioning and other processes throughout the document life cycle

No need to maintain your own infrastructure

Convenient integration of the solution with other domain systems

The solution is ready for GMP validation


Control the documents in the company

Content management

  • Definable types of documents and other structures (text, scans, photos, videos, sound, binary files)
  • Tagging documents with keywords
  • Filtering, document search
  • Managing multiple versions of a document
  • Defining the organizational structure
  • Creating notification and authorization schemes


  • Encrypting information at every stage of processing
  • Secure file transfer over an encrypted channel
  • Automatic cloud archiving and data exports
  • Reliability and high availability according to the Microsoft Azure cloud SLA


  • Control of access to documents based on a multidimensional authorization system, e.g. reflecting the organizational structure of the company
  • Simple and quick sharing of documents within the company and for business partners
  • Handling document issue lists and reading confirmation
  • Strong encryption of document content (option)

Integration and customization

  • Simple integration with external systems (dedicated API)
  • Can be extended with dedicated functionalities
  • Personalizing the system’s appearance


Order and security of documents in the company

Selected cases of use of Unimedio

Find out how Unimedio will help your business
control your documents


The basic system for storing documents in a company and sending securely large files to external contractors via convenient public links


Integration with company ERP and elimination of paper documents from circulation


A platform for a solution that supports registers and service events of a hardware supplier on the automotive market


Document repository related to quality assurance of production processes in the pharmaceutical industry